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Lagom (Swedish)

“Not too little, not too much, JUST RIGHT”.

If you’re looking for a bespoke school fit out or refurbishments London, you have arrived at the right place – meaning ‘[something is] just right’ in Swedish, Lagom is more than the name of our business, it’s a design philosophy that we want to share with all our clients. 

Fit Outs And Refurbishment For Education Facilities

We understand that every educational environment is different and as such, fit out requirements will differ from school-to-school, college-to-college, and so on. While some facilities cater to thousands of people, others may only have less than 100 coming through their doors – and this is before we talk about the different activities that occur within. Therefore, having a bespoke approach to the design of your school’s interiors is vital in delivering the best, most personable education possible.

Whatever you require from the layout of your school’s interiors, you can feel rest assured that we have all the skills, expertise and specialist contacts to create your ideal educational facility.

Your Ideal School Fit Out

As the teaching environment is essential in providing exceptional education for children, young people and adults alike, it is our job to build safe and practical environments to suit everyone. Having a school fit out that is designed specifically for the people who use it will not only enhance their education but get the best out of staff too.

Amongst the all-encompassing educational facility fit outs we undertake, we regularly work on aspects such as:

  • The layout, design and décor.
  • Reducing noise levels and reverberations.
  • Planning and installing furniture.
  • Lighting and temperature controls.
  • Hardwearing surfaces.

No job is too large or small – we work with our trusted network of building services on each aspect of the project; ensuring that you will receive only the best, specialist work throughout. Whether it’s a simple refurbishment of a classroom (or two) or creating a vast number of rooms from scratch; we will work with you to achieve your perfect interior layout.

As there is an increasing demand on schools to embrace efficiency and sustainability, all our work is carried out with the latest directives in mind; all tasks are performed to the highest standards – from the initial design and planning, through to the end of the project.

COVID-Safe Education Facility

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the way we operate in public spaces; with schools and other educational facilities being breeding grounds for viruses (simply because of the sheer number of people in such small spaces), it’s vital that any fit out is able to adhere to the latest regulations.

While cleanliness is a key part of any educational facility, there are other measures that are required, that may not immediately spring to mind. As per the guidance set out by the government, the personal hygiene of staff and pupils, social distancing and the methods of how everyone goes about their work will need to be assessed.

As it’s part of our job to keep abreast of the latest changes in industry and government regulations, you can feel rest assured that the Lagom team are able to create a school fit out that will be compliant with the latest COVID guidance. As we’ve got many years of experience, creating educational fit outs, we can use our knowledge to create a COVID-safe space that still abides by your requirements.

Why Choose Lagom For Your Classroom Fit Out?

The major reason behind our clients choosing our services is thanks to our fresh approach to contracting – we are very easy to deal with and we always endeavour to work closely with our clients, keeping them informed at every point of the project. As we take great care to understand the full and exact requirements of the people we work for, we are able to deliver the truly bespoke service that our name suggests – on time and within budget.

Why not consider getting in touch with us today to learn, in detail, how we can help with your school fit out project?

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