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If you are interested in providing your working environment with a new lease of life through the introduction of a bespoke office fit out, the team here at Lagom Interiors are here to help. As one of the leading office fit out contractors in London, we are perfectly placed to guide you through the entire process, assigning the best specialist services to you that ensure your custom office design dreams become a reality. 

Lagom Interiors: Custom Office Fit Out Contractors

Our vast experience as office fit out contractors has allowed us to draw upon a range of diverse skills for each job we undertake. It is this, as well as our approach to responsible working that has seen us form excellent working relationships with our clients. Health and safety and our environmental impact is always at the forefront of our minds.

It goes without saying that as London and South East are the UK’s premier locations to do business, competition is already tough. Being able to win over clients by the professional image you present is therefore vital for success. Having a bespoke fit out will go a long way in communicating your unique brand – informing clients of what you can do for them, without much ‘sell’ on your part.

We are specialists in:

Office fit-outs (CAT A & CAT B)

Office refurbishment

Office strip-outs

Office dilapidations

Office maintenance

The types of works we perform include:

Office moves & changes

Glass, drywall and system partitions

Standard & bespoke joinery

Washroom & toilet fit-out & refurbishment


Meeting rooms & pods


Cafeterias & breakout areas

Suspended ceilings


Raised access flooring


Mechanical & electrical services


COVID-19 office adaptations


Architectural glazing

Signage & graphics

The Value of Professional Office Fit Out Contractors

Professional office fit out contractors can carry out your ideal workplace design to the letter – creating an environment that will inspire and drive your employees, and even attract new ones. Ultimately, most people choose to go with workplace fit out contractors to take advantage of:

  • An increase in productivity – If a work environment is uncomfortable, dull and demoralising, it will only likely create those same feelings inside for the people who work within it. By making use of a good office fit out contractor that can provide the area’s best experts, all the necessary changes will be made to improve the look, feel and functionality of the environment. This fresh design provides the ideal platform for people to feel equipped, inspired and empowered – key attributes in pushing along productivity rates.
  • Making better use of the building – By using experts to transform your office to make it work for you rather than you working for it, you will be making the best use of the building that it’s housed in. There are too many firms that pay for space that they simply do not use. By working with specialist office contractors, every square yard can be repurposed for something else that would be of benefit, and not to the detriment, of the business.

  • Establishing business branding and philosophy – If hosting clients is a major part of your business, it goes without saying that the need to present yourself as a unique service is an absolute must. By taking advantage of the range of expert building services on offer from an office fit out contractor, you’ll have the best way to bestow your company’s branding identity and to communicate its philosophy through your selected design.

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