If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits that a fresh office design can bring to your working environment, how can you ensure that you get it just rightYou take the Lagom approach.

Lagom (Swedish)

“Not too little, not too much, JUST RIGHT”.

Lagom in Swedish means [something is] ‘just right’ – it’s used within Nordic interior design to describe something ‘bespoke’; something that is built to suit the people who reside within the walls, rather than just to suit the confines of the building itself. This philosophy inspired our name ‘Lagom Interiors’ and through our attention to detail and collected experiences, we have proceeded to become leading contractors for office refurbishments. If you’re interested in taking a more customised approach to your workplace’s design, we can offer a comprehensive bespoke refurbishment service, no matter what your requirements may be.

Lagom Interiors: Premier Office Refurbishments

With a vast experience, working as contractors for office refurbishments in the area, we have built an unrivalled network of reliable, high-quality service providers. This gives us the opportunity to draw upon a range of diverse skills for each job we undertake – it’s why we are so confident that we can serve every requirement of our clients. By allowing us to manage your project, you will only be dealing with one service – you will not have to take more time out of your schedule to manage different aspects of the job. We act as a single point-of-contact, streamlining the process from project start to completion. It’s thanks to our no-nonsense, clear approach that has seen us form excellent working relationships with our clients. Just a selection of the office refurbishment work we regularly contract for, include:

  • COVID-19 Office Adaptations & Refurbishments
  • Joinery work.
  • Suspended ceilings.
  • Plumbing and waterworks.
  • Partitioning.
  • Electrical and data systems.
  • HVAC
  • Furniture and storage solutions.
  • Decorating 
  • Flooring and floor finishes
  • Meeting rooms and board rooms
  • Office moves and changes
  • Toilet refurbishments
  • Kitchens and breakout areas

Why Choose A Bespoke Office Refurbishment?

As London and the South East is the UK’s premier business centre, it should go without saying that having a functional, inspiring and impressive office space is vital in aiding employees in their work, attracting new talents and winning more clients.

By improving their office fit outs, firms will make better use of the building – too many offices are underutilised and therefore, costing more than a business gets out of it. By understanding the space better, every square yard can be repurposed for something that would be of benefit – such as its branding identity. 

Taking a Lagom approach gives firms the chance to bestow their identity throughout the office – from the paint and materials on the walls, the configuration of the flooring, through to the shape of chairs and desks. Having an identity will allow the business to stand-out, communicating itself to employees and visitors through design.

The primary reason that many businesses choose their bespoke office refurbishments is to offer their employees the means to create high-quality work at a more productive rate. It stands to sense at a basic level – if an environment is dull, demoralising and uncomfortable, it will only create the same feelings for the people who work within it.

Other, not so obvious, benefits of an office refurbishment, include:

  • Future-proofing. Whilst good office refurbishment will have an immediate impact on the workplace, great office refurbs will do the same and continue to have a positive influence for years to come. By working with leading experts in office refurbishments, businesses will be able to cater for any opportunities to ‘future-proof’ their workspaces; ensuring that it can be adapted to any changes in business size, staff needs or any industry trends.

  • A safer working environment. As recent times have placed an increased focus on the health and safety aspect of offices, a refurbishment will ensure that everything is abiding by the latest legislation regarding safe office practices & COVID-19 adaptations; providing reassurance to the workforce and any visitors alike.

  • Tap into expert industry knowledge. It’s literally the business of office refurbishment contractors to keep atop of the latest innovations and trends in workplace design and build. Therefore, a business will be able to benefit from their expertise and spot even more opportunities to improve their ideal design(s).

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