Whether you’re a tenant that is moving on or a landlord that is putting your property back on the market, the office dilapidation & strip out contractors here at Lagom can help to restore your office space back to its original condition.

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We have extensive experience in this area; providing commercial property dilapidations & strip outs throughout London. For tenants coming to the end of their lease, we can provide a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to paying repair charges to the landlord. Whilst for property owners and operators, we can work quickly and efficiently to get interiors back to their original shell and core; providing the means to present it on the market for the next business with bespoke office design ideas in mind.

Why Hire Office Dilapidation & Strip Out Contractors in London?

Time and cost are the two overriding benefits of using a dilapidation & strip out contractor. Instead of having to organise different types of works through multiple services yourself, a contractor has a ready network of services that can organise quickly and get the job done – saving you time, freeing you up to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

Here at Lagom, we have vast experience of working as contractors to the commercial office industry. We have worked with a wide range of business and building types – understanding, in defined detail, what precise dilapidation works would be in the best interests of both landlords and tenants. We work closely with the landlord and/or tenant to create a schedule of works that ensures that all work is carried out quickly to keep cost and disruption to an absolute minimum.

As part of our service, our office dilapidation contractors will:

Liaise with the tenant/landlord (or their agents).

Carry out a full health & safety, risk assessment and method statements as part of our preliminary works.

Produce detailed room-by-room surveys of the premises.

Manage the application for consent, wherever required.

Use our trusted network of high quality tradesmen to undertake all building and refurbishment services; bringing the interiors back to standard.

Ensure all goods that are removed will be handled and disposed in an environmentally conscious and safe manner.

Typical types of works that we contract for include:

Strip-out works. Electrical, plumbing/heating/gas; furniture and fittings removal; partition wall and air con removal; removal of old carpets and fitting of new flooring.

Repair works. Returning the office unit to its original building and fabric condition; internal repairs and decoration throughout; flooring repairs; deep cleaning throughout.

New works. We can also provide a range of new works for the office, including; stud walls & partitioning, creation of suspended ceilings; a complete installation of electrical; new workspaces, kitchen units, WCs and much more.

Why Choose Lagom For Your Office Dilapidation & Strip Out?

The major factor why our clients choose our services is thanks to our fresh approach to contracting – we are very easy to deal with and we always endeavour to work closely with our clients, keeping them informed at every point of the project. As we take great care to understand the full and exact requirements of the people we work for, we are able to deliver the truly bespoke service that our name suggests – on time and within budget, taking care to deliver the highest standards of health and safety, and to ensure that all projects are delivered to environmental and sustainability standards.

Why not consider getting in touch with us today to learn, in detail, how we can help with your office dilapidation project?

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